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Temple of the Way

My name is Reverend Christopher DeWayne Strickland and I created this site to build a foundation of fellowship that I intend to evolve into a full-fledged ministry as time permits. Although I use the term "Reverend", as I am legally allowed to do so as an ordained minister, it should not be taken as a title of superiority or authority. I am a teacher and a student. With your help and guidance, together we can each do our part to learn and teach others "THE WAY" which will be explained on this site in depth. Feel free to explore or to leave and never return. At this time, I must inform you that I have been given specific instructions from my spiritual teachers and there is a definite purpose, or "test" if you will, involved in this realization that you DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO A FRESH NEW LIFE. Remember: "There are no coincidences!" If you came to this site, you are here for a very specific reason and a supreme being has destined this moment into your life. There is an old maxim that states: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I believe in some cases there is only a small stretch of time in a person's life in which a doorway to higher spiritual knowledge is opened, and if they don't use this doorway, it may shut for the remainder of this life and they are forced to be patient until it opens again in another place and time. It is a divine opportunity. USE IT OR LOSE IT!

THE YIN-YANG SYMBOL: (Featured at the top of the page with silver twin dragons) In this worldview, the opposite forces underlying all things are termed yin and yang. Taoists believe that these complement each other. Yin is associated with darkness, negative, passivity, earth, winter and the female. Yang is representative of light, positive, activity, heaven, summer and the male. Each force contains the seed of its opposite.

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Reverend Christopher DeWayne Strickland
P.O. Box 636
Valliant, OK 74764